Scrap Car Prices

Why is there fluctuations in Scrap car prices regularly and how can you determine that
you make most out of it?

Most of the time you will see that there is always some or the other variation going on in Scrap Car prices. You must be thinking why these changes in pricing are happening frequently? It all depends on the rate of Scrap metal at that time, the rate of which changes quiet frequently. There are many things that influence this,

  • Market price of the scrap metal prices in the stock exchange.
  • The demand of scrap in the industry, generally the industries in which scrap material
    is required is construction, locomotive or technology. If the demand increases so the
    Scrap Car prices also increase.
  • In certain seasons as well the prices plummet.

There is no fixed reason or time for this to happen. The change in the pricing can happen daily, weekly or monthly as is the case with gold and silver. Since here also metal price is the determining factor which can plummet or climb as the demand and supply of the metal is in the market.

Scrap car prices

Vhicle Type
Offer Price in $
Acura TL400
Audi A4350
BMW 3 Series375
BMW 325i300
BMW 5 Series (All Types)250
BMW 7 Series (All Types)300
BMW X3 (New Model)1000
BMW X5500
Buick Century130
Buick LaCrosse400
Buick LeSabre140
Buick Park Avenue140
Buick Regal170
Buick Rendezvous200
Buick Skylark100
Cadillac Catera170
Cadillac CTS300
Cadillac DeVille160
Cadillac Eldorado130
Cadillac Escalade1010
Cadillac Seville180
Chevrolet Blazer150
Chevrolet Cavalier120
Chevrolet Malibu230
Chevrolet Suburban312
Chevrolet Tahoe500
Chevrolet Tracker250
Chevrolet Trailblazer210
Chevrolet Uplander220
Chevrolet Venture150
Chrysler 300225
Chrysler Cirrus100
Chrysler Concorde150
Chrysler New Yorker100
Chrysler Pacifica180
Chrysler PT Cruiser150
Chrysler Sebring135
Chrysler Town And Country290
Dodge Avenger300
Dodge Dakota225
Dodge Durango180
Dodge Grand Caravan200
Dodge Intrepid125
Dodge Neon115
Ford 500125
Ford Aerostar120
Ford Aspire100
Ford Contour98
Ford Crown Victoria170
Ford Escape250
Ford Escort 100
Ford Expedition230
Ford Explorer175
Ford F-150370
Ford Focus200
Ford Fusion330
Ford Mustang270
Ford Ranger250
Ford Taurus190
Ford Tempo100
Ford Thunderbird118
Ford Windstar160
GMC Sierra550
GMC Sonoma183
Honda Civic280
Honda Accord240
Hyundai Elantra300
Hyundai Genesis1500
Hyundai Santa Fe230
Infiniti G20120
Infiniti G35550
Isuzu Ascender180
Isuzu Rodeo150
Jeep Grand Cherokee250
Kia Sportage350
Mercedes Benz C-Class250
Mercedes Benz S-Class175
Nissan Altima225
Nissan Frontier1075
Nissan Sentra270
Pontiac Grand AM135
Pontiac Sunfire115
Toyota Camry300
Toyota Corolla500
Toyota Land Cruiser1350
Toyota Sienna490
Tesla MODEL S1000

How can you get Best Scrap Car prices for your Junk Car?

Now after reading this you may have lost hope of making good Scrap Car prices from your junk Car. Don’t be disheartened there are ways through which you can make most out of your junk car and can definitely make good bucks. If you feel that the quotes you received from the junkyard are not up to the mark or you may want to cross check then here is a list of things that can help you analyse the same and you can determine whether you are being offered fair price for your junk car or not.

  • Track the changes in Scrap metal prices, you can do so by using Apps which will let you know about metal pricing according to your location, Stock market value of the metal that you need to scrap, or you can also contact someone who buys junk cars, he/she will be able to tell you the current pricing that is going on.
  • Don’t delay on scraping your junk car. Whatever may be the reason that you are saving the junk car but the longer you wait, more its value decreases. Why so? When a car is not in use for long period of times, most of its unused parts start to deteriorate due to reactions of the environment on the car. Like metal will start to
    rust, plastic will get brittle and so on. So it is always advisable to scrap the car as soon as possible and tell your junkyard owner that your car has been running since recently to get best price quotes.
  • If the car you are thinking to scrap is drivable then you can always get better price quotes from the junkyards as not all the cars that comes to junkyard are scraped some of them if they have auction value are auctioned by them in bulk auction. It can make some difference in the quote provided by the junkyard owner.
  • When you think about scraping your car, set a price and do your best to stick to it. Get quotes from many junkyards or junk car buyers and see what seems fair to you. Don’t fall to their antics and play smart.

For an average person it is not every day that they scrap a car, so play smart. Whenever you plan to scrap your car keep these pointers in mind so that you can make good Scrap Car prices.