Scrap Copper Prices Up To Date

The use, importance, value, and Scrap copper prices

Just like fresh ones, Scrap copper prices are extremely fluctuating based upon the size, use, area and denominations that you are willing to buy it in. metals like copper are one of the most versatile products that are being used under huge applications within the electrical, chemical, automobile and numerous other industries. Besides gold, it is one of the highest recycled
luxurious materials that can be found around. Being a great conductor of heat and electricity, households largely prefer using scrap copper in numerous constructions. While buying freshly extracted one can cost heavy on your pocket, the recycled ones are still low in rates but possess similar quality the freshly extracted ones do. Here are more details regarding its usage and rates.

Scrap copper prices


Copper Time Price Lb (Pound)
Scrap Bare Bright Copper$2.45 lb
Scrap #1 Copper$2.39 lb
Scrap #2 Copper $2.20 lb
Insulated Copper Wire (Cat 5/6)$0.58 lb
THHN Cable$1.40 lb
Insulated Cable$1.50 lb
Copper Transformers$0.08-$0.17 lb
Copper Electric Motors$0.12 $0.15 lb
Computer Wire$0.25 lb

The major uses of copper scrap

  • Electronics- things such as printed circuit boards as well as integrated circuits usually contain copper instead of using metals like aluminum. Copper generally has excellent electric conductivity that makes them versatile and highly preferred metals. Above that, in appliances such as microwave oven, various parts are usually designed with the help of copper scraps like vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, electromagnets and a lot more. Heat sinks, as well as heat exchangers, also make the use of copper as it contains excellent capabilities of heat dissipation.
  • Wires and cables- this is something that doesn’t even needs an explanation. Since decades copper has been largely utilized within numerous wires and cables to ensure better connectivity. They are highly used in various industries like telecommunications, power generation, building wire, circuitry, automotive cable and a lot more. Most of the industries depend just on copper to get their wires designed as it features various qualities like that of being strong, ductile, corrosion resistant, and a great source of the thermal condition.
  • Architecture and infrastructure- despite considering Scrap copper prices, a lot of individuals, or companies use them within the construction and building procedures. They are lightweight and easily recyclable; thus, they can be seen under copper roofing, domes, rain gutters, downspouts, doors, flashings, vaults etc.

Scrap copper prices

Thus, in some of the other way, copper applications can be witnessed all across the globe in numerous industries and at various places. Also the scrap metal prices have influenc on the copper price

Things that affect the common copper scrap rates and general prevailing amount

Every country has a different range of deposits in copper. Above that, the usage also differs from place to place. While you plan to look up for Scrap copper prices, there are no static rates. They eventually fluctuate based upon the availability, supply, demand, and regulations tha  revolve within that particular state. However, if you are industrialists who have stronger
connections with exporters of the same, then the prices may get reduced when you buy the copper scrapes in bulk.

Also, the general rates largely depend upon what you are willing to buy. Scrap Bare Bright Copper rates somewhere around $2.45 lb whereas Scrap #1 Copper costs $2.39 lb., Scrap #2 Copper costs $2.20 lb., Scrap insult Hvy #1 copper Wire is available for $1.63 lb. and Scrap copper Rads can be easily purchased at $1.70 lb. all these are approximate rates that can
fluctuate based upon the region, time, requirements, and usage. Where the demand is high, the rates will surely be high as well. Thus, before you plan to buy the scraps, make sure you go
through this important approximate Scrap copper prices card.

Despite the low rates, people often go for copper scrap material is because it is easily recyclable and can be used again and again without experiencing any loss in the quality. They have endless
appeal and power to strongly withhold any construction, machine, wire or appliance in which they are used.